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Tattoos Design – Valkyrie Warrior

Valkyrie Warrior by darealarts – In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who guide the souls of deceased Nordic soldiers in one of two paths. Half of those who die in battle go to F lkvangr, Freyja’s afterlife, the other half go to Valhalla Art appreciation of temporary tattoo […]

Women’s Tattoos Ideas – Westward

Westward by Kiryadi – Go west, little bird. Art appreciation of temporary tattoo stickers : Women’s Tattoos Ideas – Westward

Simple Tattoo Ideas – Terminus

Terminus by darealarts – Seeing the angel number “999” usually indicates a closure of a meaningful chapter or cycle, and at the same time, a beginning of a new journey. Art appreciation of temporary tattoo stickers : Simple Tattoo Ideas – Terminus

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